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August 13, 2010


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Mortgage Leads

Great looking site! In Arizona you definitely need the AC for sure. Keep up the good info for homeowners.

Edmonton Real Estate

I wasn't sure about servicing AC on the regular bases but I see your ponit now. Our summer is rather short here in Alberta but a lot of the newer homes have AC systems. Great article and website.

Derek H.

Kirk the Home Inspector

Most people don't realize that a heat pump is simply an air conditioning system that works backwards in the winter months. A reversing valve allows for the flow direction of the refrigerant to be changed. When it was first introduced some home owners complained about the "cold" air coming out of the registers. Modern generations of heat pumps actually produce "warm" air.

David Matney

I did not know that "crud" is a technical term! :-)

Home Inspection Software

Great tip here. Simple checks every so often can really save people a lot of headaches and money in the future.

Gilbert Homes | Gilbert AZ Homes

Nice! add also free energy like solar power supply..


Home Inspector Training Site

Simply said and great tip for homeowners. Every homeowner should really take time to inspect their heat pumps to avoid expensive repairs or replacement. It would only take a little of your time to do it. Really great post.

Concrete Treat

If you want to save money during the cold months (which, admittedly, are few in Arizona), you may also want to insulate the space that houses that heat pump -- usually, this is the basement or crawl space. In the case of the crawl space, sealing it will keep out cold winter winds that would blow through, while also keeping the space dry and discouraging pests. In both cases, insulating the wall and floor will save a lot of money.

In nearby Colorado, basement wall insulation will save you anywhere between $310 and $350, according to the US Department of Energy. Not too shabby, that. :-) And it'll help to keep that heat pump, as well as your furnace, hot water pipes, heating ducts, and other utilities, warmer.


Heat pumps work best in moderate climates. If you live in a moderate climate, using a heat pump instead of a furnace and air conditioner may help you save money on your utility bill.

בדק בית

No doubt that you need a quality AC with this heat!


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בדק בית

thats genius.. why didn't I think of it?

Justin Bieber Supra

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Colorado Springs Home Inspections

Regular maintenance is key. Without proper inspections, air conditioners can cease to function properly. Good post!


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Loan Modification Application

Good tip of maintaining Home and inspecting it. Not only these Heat pumps repair, doors and window also suffer from damage and they lack their property of protecting home from cold winter.

ugg on sale

Thank you for posting the great content.I was looking for something like this.I found it quiet interesting, hopefully you will keep posting such blogs..Keep sharing


That is a very helpful tip, I am not the most savvy home buyer or handyman so it is very important for me to have an inspector I trust. During my most recent home purchase I had a very professional, informative, and personable inspector. If I ever end up moving again I definitely feel comfortable enough to put my trust in his hands.


The post is informative, you have discussed the primary things that one should keep in mind about heat pumps.

The Electric Loan Officer

Great information Scott, hope the inspection business is keeping you busy!

Justin, The Electric Loan Officer

San Diego Home Owner

Scott, we recently experienced a day and half of no air conditioning and let me tell you that we are now going to have regularly servicing to make sure that does not happen again. Thanks for sharing.


Great post. This is something San Diego homeowners need to think about as well.

Betsey - San Diego Home Inspector

Very good post. I will be dealing with a few of these issues as well..

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