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April 10, 2008


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Tom Comstocxk

OK, not as bad, but I did INSPECT the wrong house once. Same style house, approx 2500 Sq Ft, same street name, just one digit off. Realtors fault, not mine, but I still didn't get paid for it!


It happened the same thing to some property I know, that's a terrible mistake!

Richard Stabile Bergen County Real Estate

In our world, Bergen County New Jersey, there is a lot of procedure to knocking down a building. Aside from the permits, markeouts and cut off certification letters the building will have a yellow permit attached, before work can begin.
Water will be set up to be hosed on the debris so not to dust up the air. All wires, water lines and sewer lines will be disconnected. Then work will commence. In some localities the adjacent neighbors must be notified by certified mail in advance.

But this is New Jersey.

Robert Welch

I have started inspections on homes that were just off by the stree name, line Pine Valley Drive, verus Pine Valley Street. Fortunately for me, I realized that the agent gave me the wrong street name before I completed the inspection.

Both homes were for sale, on supra keys listed by the same real estate company. Close call anyway.

Robert - Atex Inspects

Home Inspector

Awesome article! I have gradually become fan of your article and would like to suggest putting some new updates to make it more effective.

Home Inspection Tampa

This is a really sad incident. One may make a mistake in checking out the wrong home but when it is the case of demolishing, I guess cross-checking 10 times is not too much.

Mold Removal

That is a bad thing happened.What you say is right we must double check before doing such work.


This is a shocking post. Good info to read. Thanks

chimney liner

That would be such a major mistake. I know someone lost their job over that demolishment.

American Home Inspector Directory

And nobody got fired for this?

Robert Welch

Ok, I have inspected the wrong house, but never had this happen. I realized the addresses were incorrect and moved on to the house next door.

ATEX Inspects

Tim Allison

Bummer for that home owner. How do you say your sorry for that? Hope I never do a home inspection for the wrong house.

Stillwater MN Home Inspections

How terrible for the homeowner. Hopefully she can rebuild.

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