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December 07, 2007


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Home Inspection Tampa

I think this is a highly commendable step that has been taken. Indeed we need to understand the importance of water conservation and preservation.

Adirondack real estate

Landscapes are thirsty, consuming 50% to 70% of our residential water - water that has been gathered moved, pumped treated to drinking standards, and delivered to the landscape. The purpose of the Landscape Irrigation Controller Rebate is to reduce outdoor water use by improving watering efficiency. A rebate is offered for the purchase of a new multiprogramming, permanently hardwired, electronically activated irrigation controller. The rebate amount varies, depending on the type of unit purchased, but will not exceed the actual cost of one controller. An itemized, dated sales receipt for purchase of the controller is required. A backflow device must be installed and inspected for nonresidential properties and multifamily residential properties.

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